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Soulframe is a free-to-play MMORPG video game developed and published by Digital Extremes. While still in early development, Soulframe is a free-to-play Action Hybrid-MMORPG that features an entirely unique world with themes of nature, restoration, and exploration. It offers open-world, co-op gameplay in its own independent and immersive fantasy experience.[1]



500 prelude invites were sent on December 15th, 2023 [2]

Official reveal

In a surprise reveal during TennoLive 2022 through a beautifully captured cinematic trailer invoking themes of romanticism and fantasy, Digital Extremes showcased game lovers a cryptic teaser for the upcoming free-to-play action hybrid-MMORPG in early development at the studio.[3]

There is no determined release date yet, and at this time, there are no plans to launch the game with a founder's pack.[4]


The official website provides a form that allows one to register their email to sign up for game development updates and reserve their preferred in-game name (called an "Envoy Title") while also being given instant access to the Alca's Eye item once the game launches.


In order to access the contents of the website, one is first required to solve a cryptex style cipher puzzle featuring unique glyphs. The phrase "Envoys of Ode Sky" is shown, with glyphs displayed above certain letters. The puzzle is unlocked by matching the correct glyphs to complete the phrase, revealing a link that displays the rest of the page. Doing so also changes the initial image on the page from an arm encased in armor inset with keyholes to a bare arm with the appearance of engraved stone, also featuring a keyhole motif.

In addition to the registration form, the website initially displays three still images of scenes from the cinematic trailer with captions shown using the game's glyphs, as well as a link to the Soulframe YouTube channel where the trailer can be watched in full. Extra hidden content can be revealed by clicking certain objects within the page. A fourth image of the moose is displayed after clicking the bird above the "S" in the Soulframe logo. By clicking one of the eyes drawn on the moose's antlers, a poem, also encoded in glyphs, is displayed.

Soulframe hidden website poem glyphs.png

Source files have been discovered that reveal the translation key for the glyphs, and using that key, the text of the poem is translated as follows:

When day wrought night they did arrive
Not sea nor hoof but from the sky
Knight-maidens strong rode to face them
Yet not a sword was drawn
For within that night songs were cast
And we who heard them lost our past
Our virtues, love, and spirit fled
So hollow was the dawn
Now mothers send their children there
To Ode'n castles crowning air
Returning spies to peel our thoughts
With souls so twisted wrong
New industry demands the earth
Our verdant fields bled grey of worth
The beasts of feast now lost to famine
Great Alca's flesh stripped raw
While hope in us has come to rust
Strange kin remain with the Alca's trust
Cross distant shores old souls arise
Relic wolf and bear, and faun
Those we plundered now we seek
For ancient ties that withered weak
To cast a bargain entwining fate
And reforging honored bonds...
To the world.


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